Nov 262012

Wizardry Online… i remember playing trying the good old Wizardry games… which actually never stole my heart, i found them abit difficult… shame on me. Nevertheless, after receiving a Beta Key for Wizardry Online, i decided to give it a go, and after reading shortly about how difficult it was in the beginning, i decided to atleast play 5+ hours before writing down my thoughts.

So let us delve into the game itself…

First a warning: I read nothing about the game beforehand. Played for 7 hours so far. Level 8 with 2 toons.

1: After installing the game, and getting to character select screen, i create a new character, and become slightly dissapointed… some japanese looking characters show up… but luckily enough the good old standard Dwarf exists here also, but i kinda wanted to make a Thief, and the strange japanese small toon named “Porkul” has some nice starting stats for a Thief so… i start up as a small “thingie”.

The stats are standard, Agility and Vitality etc. With the added stat “Luck”. Vitality seems to be a good one to get up abit, for an easier starting phase, or so i thought. My Thief can lay traps, which is cool, the cap on traps is 3, so i usually lay down 3 traps, and just lure monsters into them, easy kills… and fun oddly enough. But that also means i rarely get into melee combat at all, so… vitality? No need!

When you get into the game, you are met with a small video, and a tutorial… i gotta admit, i was very confused in the beginning, lots of odd things were explained to me, about Souls and what not, and i kinda just wanted to get into a dungeon, and whack some zombies. I felt the first hour was a small nuisance, because even thought the game tried to explain me alot of things, i still didnt get it, so i just wanted to skip it, and learn by error… which you cant. (Pro-Tip: Skip Tutorial!).

After the initial tutorial, and newbie quest… the FIRST dungeon appears… oh yeah, the graphic and the city itself, is pretty enough, i play games for gameplay, not graphics anyways. So, back to the dungeon… I enter, and lo and behold… lots of other people are there, its not a solo dungeon, anyone can enter… cool! It seems there is a max cap on how many that can enter though, because i could choose from 3 different “servers?”… Server 1, Server 2, Server 99 (yeah 99…which was Crowded).

Ok, lots of other people there, thats nice, i were allready invited to groups, cool… i declined though, since i wanted to check out the game in my own pace. I get a quest inside… get some doll from somewhere inside the dungeon… classic. (err? Creepy!). I then meet a zombie… YES a ZOMBIE! From that moment… i liked the game… i was able to whack the zombie down and loot it. It felt good. I felt at home.

1 hour went by, and i even joined up with some other people, because frankly, i got owned. My squishy thief character couldnt tank anything, not even beetles… and chests with traps, even though i am a thief, sometime blew up. And let me tell you… healing potions do not drop often! So after grouping up with a Cleric… things became alot easier. We cleared the dungeon, and all the quests, i got some levels… level 3 i think. I also learned from said Cleric that pressing SHIFT allowed you to BLOCK the receiving damage 100%… cool! (drains shield power though, but still cool).

When you level up, you get some standard stats, dont think you can change them, but you also get a skillpoint, to use in a skilltree, i slowly started boosting my traps, since the melee thing didnt work for me. I was/am actually able to solo most things i meet, traps down, lure them in, stealth, reset aggro, traps down, lure them in, stealth… they dont regain Hit Points… so, keep doing that, and even the strongest monsters go down! I love feeling overpowered…

I play some more… level up to 6, then i start to learn about Soul Rank / Character Rank… appearently Soul Rank is your Account Rank, or something like that. I atleast later on learned when i created a Cleric, that my Soul Rank got applied to him also… which is pretty cool since the higher level items, the higher level Soul Rank. Yeah exactly… that means you can equip some really good items, on your level 1 character aslong as you have your Soul Rank ranked high enough, to wear those items. (That kinda changed the newbie dungeon for my Cleric, compared to my Thief… fun!).

Anyways, Soul Rank level 2, also means you can get PK’d, and that you can actually permanently DIE with your toon. I was pretty afraid of that, but learned after a while that to die permanently, well… you have to screw up alot it seems. Basically if your character dies, you become a Ghost, and have to revive at the nearest revive stone. When you revive it says for example “96% chance to revive… offer more items, to raise your revive chance”. So you dont like the fact that there is 4% chance to DIE permanently, and add some items you just found, to the Revive Option… voila, 100% chance to revive. You then spawn with all your items, and full life and mana, and ready to go again.

I have been PK’d also… appearently somewhere in a dungeon, you will always get a treasure key (once), so this nice person (high level), was standing there attacking all of us newbies, who came and picked up that key, and then he would loot the key, and go open up the treasure chest. Quite annoying, that i didnt get that idea im not strong enough to do that. Most of the items on you are “Unable to be Looted” though… it might change in higher levels. And this is most likely where cash shops come in, because i saw you could purchase an item which made your item unlootable for 30 days. No idea though.

The gameplay is fun, hard, but fun. Its oldschool, i would call it a good classic dungeon crawler, with a twist of mmorpg. There are chests to be looted, traps to be disarmed… or activated. You got your classic monsters, and some new ones, including bosses. Quests, damsels in distress, good and evil. You got your “dps, tank, healer” classes, standard mmorpg stuff, not sure if you actually need a tank in this game, not so far.

The game runs smooth, some rubberbinding here and there, nothing major though. It is obvious it is still in beta, since there is some odd names here and there “Hide AttackLvL1” for example. Translation issue maybe, mostly cosmetic stuff that feels not-done… the game itself… well if i could play to Level 50 Soul Rank, and there was enough content to support that, i would have found a game to play the coming months. But ofcourse, when i play more, my views might change… who knows, but so far, i am pleasently surprised by this little gem.


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