Mar 052014

It has taken some time, but i managed to sort out all my troubles with the Website Design and the Forum issues. Allthough it means i have to move away from Simple Press and to bbpress. The design of the forum does not look good at the moment, but i will be working on it the next weeks.

While i do this small update, i might aswell add some gaming news!

Diablo 3:
Finally Reaper of Souls is being released, and finally they are making it a better game, more like Diablo 2. It just feels like a much better game, not sure if it is just because of the legendaries dropping more often, but i certainly like that alot. They also changed how the game works, there is no Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Inferno progression, instead there is difficulties, up to Torment VI. This means that when you complete the game first time, even on Normal, you will be around level 40! Compared to old level 30’ish when completing Normal. It is quite odd to get used to. It also means that you always fight monster equal to your own level, so never any “easy mode” farming again. You can however work around it easily, but still it seems they intend the game to be played differently now. 

I am definately interested again. 
– Better item drops.
– Open world farming.
– No Auction House!!!
– Clans/Communities ingame.
– Ladder system, with fresh starts. (allthough not coming at exact release date).
– Better performance (bit meh, but i lag alot less!).
– Adventure Mode… roam the world just like in Diablo 2!
– Build changing legendaries… really awesome stuff being added.

Communities and Clan
Feel free to join our communities/clan.
Search for Community in English (british):
Hardcore Trade
Hardcore Ladder

Ask to be invited to our little clan:
Name – The Exiles
Tag – <eXile>

Elder Scrolls Online
1 word…. WOW. If you are a fan of PvP/RvR, and if you enjoyed Dark Age of Camelot, this will be the game for you. I cannot explain how good it is, you have to witness it yourself, so if you have not played the beta, get playing asap. It took me 2 days or so to even like the game, because i did not find the opening 10 levels that interesting, which might be a problem for the Developers, not sure. However, after trying out PvP, i was hooked, it is the best thing ever. Not only is it just fun, and well made, and huge! BUT… it runs so smooth with 100+ people on screen. Never ever did i lag the slightest.
I cannot wait to play that game, even though i might not have so much time as previously in my life, it will still be an awesome experience i am sure.

The Website
Work in progress… it pains me that all the work i previously did, and the small but good community i started building has perished. I have hopes that in time i can rebuild this site’s community again. Nothing beats talking to people in a forum, and since i dont visit many forums besides Reddit these days, i dont discuss games and gaming much. However! I am learning alot through my studies, and as soon as i get responsive design and media queries under control, i will completely redo this website’s design… not sure if i move away from WordPress or not, i would love to build the site and database and everything completely by myself.

Anyways! See you soon, and if you wanna make an old dude happy, sign up, and post in the forums, a simple Hi is enough… Hehe, see ya Sanctuary!

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