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    At the moment i am working on adding links to the sidebar, those 4 empty spots.

    I will remove the “Brother in Arms” and place it over there —>, and replace Brother in Arms, with some “Tomb of Knowledge” page, for all important information about diablo 3. Classes, Skills, Items, Lore… and everything else you might find important.

    The stream/chat page will most likely be removed also, over there —-> since it is pretty crappy atm.

    The last 2 spots, 1 will be for all Diablo 1 information, click the d1 logo and you will be teleported back in time… and in time for diablo 2 also.

    I am going to make some sort of marketplace/economy page also, where all relevant information will be posted…

    That is SOME of content i am working on atm. Again, i am a newbie at this, so it does not go superfast… 🙂

    Oh and ofcourse, we are going to need a “bragging” page, where you can showoff your awesome item finds etc…




    Keep up the good work 🙂 Me likes !



    Thanks, working on content also! 🙂



    Icons added. Those are just placeholders though.

    Information/Encyclopedia & Media tabs will be added to main menu bar, instead of Brothers in Arms and Stream/Chat, which will be linked to the top of the sidebar instead.

    I am trying to make a functioning jquery collapse bar for skills at the moment.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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