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    Hey ;)

    Dota2 Ingame nick: rednaX__x
    Dota history: I’ve been playing Dota2 for around a year now. Before that I played HoN with some friends. I haven’t really played Dota1.
    I like to play support/utillity heroes: Some of my favorites are Bounty Hunter, Windrunner and in generel just support ;) .
    Country: Denmark
    About me: My name is Alexander and I live in Aarhus where I’m studying. I mostly play casual Dota2 but I’m interested in getting better. I’m always open for criticism.
    Q-auth: rednaX



    Hey rednax!
    Welcome to Indhuset, i vouched you…

    … og så at du var dansker!

    Hop på #Xapso.indhuset @ Quakenet… det er der vi hænger ud… :)



    Jeg takker og bukker!

    Ja, er dansker. Men tænkte det nok var smartest bare at skrive på engelsk ;-)

    Er allerede på #Xapso.indhuset! ;-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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