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    I have honestly been enjoying EverQuest alot lately.
    If you are like me, old, and never played EverQuest, or if you are an old EverQuest player, who wish to experience the old classic feel… you should try out the free Project 99 server, which runs on the Ruins of Kurnak expansion, aka around 1999.

    I have tried several mmorpgs the last year, TERA, RIFT, SWTOR, TSW, etc. etc., and none of them really were any good… pretty but bad easy gameplay.

    I was then watching Kungens stream, where he told people how to get on a free EverQuest server… i said heck why not, and went on with it… and the game is truly an amazing experience. TOUGH… but amzing.

    This is NOT for the WoW crowd, you will be punished big time in this game, so do not even bother. Imagine running for 45 minutes only to die to a horrible Giant… and then spawned 45 minutes away from your corpse, with all your equipment on that said corpse. Run back naked… enjoy!

    WoW players, and young ones who grew up with that “i want everything for free” mentality, will uninstall after 30 minutes. NOTHING is given to you for free, except when you meet nice players… which DO exist “en masse” on this Project 99 server.

    There is around 800-1000 players on peek, and 300-500 normally online. Which is plenty for a classic game like EverQuest. You will even have a hard time finding a camp to kill mobs, in the popular zones.

    Even though leveling takes ages, and dying is the worst thing ever. Something just makes this feel right. This is how games these days should be made… hard, with a heavy focus on risk vs reward. Just like the good old days… there is a reason mmorpgs became so popular… and no i am talking popular BEFORE WoW. WoW made it mainstream. Before WoW games were for gamers. Now games is for everyone. Bring back games for gamers.

    Feel free to hook me up on Project 99, i am still a lowbie, and i still suck, but the game is fun.

    Follow this guide, it should tell you what to do, worked for me:


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