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    Just thought i would share a tiny bit of the nice feedback i have gotten, it is really tiresome to browse through IRC logs, but here is a few… the posetive feedback made all this worth it, that is for sure. Thanks again all, it was my pleasure sharing the diablo love… Embarassed

    Hey Town-Portal,

    I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to play Diablo 3. It was looking bleak that I would have a chance at the beta. But thanks to you and your generous being, I finally got a chance to see and experience the beta. I am looking forward to the Diablo 3 final release and I can confirm that the wait is going to be well worth it. Thanks again for your dedication and your big heart.


    Hey TP
    Again, thank you so much for doing this. If you’d be any nearer geographically, I’d buy you a beer or two, this is just awesome.
    With best regards,


    thanks SOOO MUCH for the opportunity, i really really really appreciate it !!


    Damn, that’s ridiculous! awesome man, i reeeeally owe you one!!
    Seriously, i have been waiting such a long time for this. played d1, i played d2 beta and now it’s finally time for d3!


    I probably don’t show out enough emotion of how thankful I am :D… I really am, trully greatest thanks for giving this chance I LOVE YOU ^__^ I can surely survive till 15 may now <3. Also looking forward your community 😀 whatever it will be.


    I know you are afk, But you might not be back by the time i jump in the game. I just want to thank you, and tell you that you really are doing a really cool thing here. Letting people get a glimps of whats to come if they weren’t given the opportunity from blizzard. Thanks again, The world needs more people like you!. 13 minutes and counting baby!!


    I have been one of those people who have gotten to try the beta several times cause of this awesome person.
    This site and community is one of the best out there.
    It got one hell of a friendly community, awesome awesome awesome epix people.


    Just finished up my trial of the beta and it was sick!
    I can’t thank Town-Portal enough for letting me fool around for a while with the beta!!
    So nice of you guys to be doing this!


    Thanks heaps for Town-Portal to allow me use of his account. And the rest of the guys in the channel that lend accounts for a while. Been able to kill the skele king now on 3 chars, this has given me an idea of what one i like best and will start with in retail!


    Thanks so much for the chance at playing the beta.
    I did a full play through with the DH, then half play throughs with the 4 others, plus tried out the high level chars of some of them that were already there.

    Thanks again, I thought it was almost too good to be true but I got to play Diablo3 !!

    You rock!

    Cheers Gharb

    Town Portal is an surprisingly friendly person 😀 he allowed me to try out the beta too, what surprises me the most is how he interacts with SO MANY people at once and he doesn’t even get mad – he’s always chill and friendly. I believe he is your last chance guys if you ever wanna try out the beta. The channel is full of friendly and great people also, often newbies join and ask for directions (I did too!) and everyone will help you out ^_^

    Just cause of this, he has earned every single of my respect and I’ll stick to that channel ^__^ <- and I’m not even asking for beta 😀 I am very pleased and happy that I finally got to play it.

    Big Thank You once again.


    Thanks Town-Portal ; i played last night for the first time ever (CET) when the servers just came up ;I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate.


    Definitely legit… The level of kindness of Town-Portal is without equal. Definitely set my mind at ease after I finally got my 2 hours of game time! Thank you so much!


    Confirmed that I have played the beta thanks to JCBN. Can’t thank him enough for what he’s doing and the time he’s put in just to help people out. Thanks man.


    Too bad Town-Portal is the only one doing this. Thanks for showing me there are still some good people in this messed up world.


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