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    After a very very short open beta phase in Korea, and with the massive interest over there, it seems that Archeage decided to give in to the demands, and release the game. Let us hope the game is ready. I have seen several clips, and as it is now, i am not 100% into the game, but there should be loads of live streams online in the coming months.

    Release in Korea – Important Information

    01/11/2013 12:00 to 01/15/2013 23:59 clock clock
    Event “Early shopping”

    15/01/2013 23:59 clock
    End of Open Beta

    01/16/2013 08:00 clock
    Official launch of ArcheAge in Korea

    New Content

    9 additional areas
    2 new instances

    About Account Management

    – Binding of the account to a PC
    – Registration Exclusion Feature
    – The new Security Center

    Season Deals for the Launch of the Game

    30 days package
    10 bonus days (total 40 days)
    Kyprosas light (coin collectors)
    Tahyangs roar (coin collectors)
    Limitless imagination (Potion)
    Price: 19,800 won (approx. 14 euros)

    90 days package
    20 bonus days (total 110 days)
    Kyprosas light (coin collectors)
    Tahyangs roar (coin collectors)
    Eannas tears (coin collectors)
    Genes pride (coin collectors)
    Limitless imagination (Potion)
    One of 3 sliders:
    The pure swing (white)
    The loving wings (pink)
    The fallen wings (black)
    Price: 47,500 won (approx. EUR 34.50)

    During the “Early Event Shopping” from 11/01-2013 to 15/01-2013, you will get extra stuff/certain bonuses, such as other collector coins, glider or other vanity items.

    Players can once the presale starts, put the cash bonuses on a character of their choice.
    This ofcourse means there will no longer be a wipe!

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