Apr 102014

Update: Bugged skill is “Consecration – Shattered Ground”.


Consecration – Shattered Ground is Bugged. Do not use it on Hardcore!

I just died to 2 normal mobs in a rift, doing some kind of damage to myself, i have no clue what causes it, but even when fighting Treasure Goblin, and using my skills, i sometimes got hurt badly.

It all started after the patch, i suddenly took !@#$loads of (bugged) damage, while fighting mobs, so i kinda just took a break, and “waited” out the fixes, Blessed Shield etc. Then i decided to test a Rift just now, and behold… fighting 2 NORMAL FALLENS, in Torment 1, with my 13million toughness and 500k dps, i somehow died.

It happened so fast i didnt even have time to drink my potion nor press my “Akarat’s Champion”.
I use(d) Blessed Hammer with Thunderstrock, Punish with Roar, Provoke with Charged Up, Consecration with Shattered Ground, Heaven’s Fury with Split Fury.

My death message even says “Was slain…” Should it not say was slain by something?

As you can see here, there are not even any mobs around me, they kinda died together with me. So… be careful, if you are a Crusader, and if you experience an odd increase in damage taken…

I loved my friggin crusader, 100+ hours played, i know the hardcore rules, i have the first 20 deaths on hardcore, and i played inferno like a man back in the days… but loosing a character like this, to a bugged skill,  is really not cool, and i cant be the only one… FIX it, ress us crusaders, and let us move on.


After some detective work, and help from Reddit, it seems it is indeed the skill
Consecration – Shattered Ground that will do damage to your character. Be careful!! This is our second bugged skill after the patch! Well played!

Link to my Blizzard post here & Reddit post here

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