Mar 072014
Dark Age of Camelot - Best MMORPG Ever Created?

Dark Age of Camelot… the best MMORPG ever?

1: Dark Age of Camelot memories:
 The grouping while leveling up… from killing basic crabs, to entering Muspelheim for the first time, to entering Vendo Caverns/Nisse’s Lair with a group.
Heck simply doing my first OTD and getting The Red Bludgeoner? or something hammer from… Trolki? or something. But, the grouping in DAoC felt like a pleasure, true pleasure. And… the RvR… oh my… the RvR, mind blowing.

I took a fairly long break and came back when Trials of Atlantis launched… and that was/is one of the best PvE expansion i have ever played. It kinda ruined PvP/RvR, sadly… but i rocked PvE with 2 accounts, an Enchanter an a Druid… and the amount of insane stuff i was able to kill “alone” was incredible fun… farming Master Level 1-9 with lots of interesting tactics and skill was damn fun. I loved running around killing stuff you would normally need a raid for. Damn good times.

Did i mention the RvR was mind blowing.

2: Ultima Online memories:
Getting my own house on a special location. And almost loosing my max trained White Wyrm to a DC, back when there was no bonding. Had trained with that Wyrm for ages… almost loosing it made me heartbroken, but alas, i came back when it had 5% life left, and quickly opened a gate, and went through! I have not played UO in many years, but that Wyrm is still in my stables! Also winning a seer event in UO, getting an unique item… very memorable. Good times.

3: Shadowbane memories:
Farming with my Fury, flying high in the skies, and just using Call Storm… killing 20+ monsters at the same time, while in the fear of getting PK’d since you had no track. Good times, and scary times! Also rune hunting… was awesome fun. But ofcourse, being a part of building your own city, was very memorable… and loosing it to a bane… hurt, but was still awesome. This risk vs reward is lost in todays games.

4: World of Warcraft memories:
Honestly just playing the game back from the beta->vanilla… it was very well done, i played Undead, and that zone is still one of the best zones i have played… the atmosphere was great.

5: Warhammer Online memories:
Disciple of Khaine… one of the best type of characters i have played… really fun and interesting class to play. And i had a good time exploring and discovering stuff before it was all over the internet… even had some “first!” discoveries… good memories.

6: Lord of the Rings Online memories:
I had an awesome time in Middle Earth in Shadows of Angmar. The journey was a pleasure, and gave me alot of good memories. Doing the main quest line is definately one of the good memories, and crafting while the world was “young”. The game was, and still is, so incredible well made. Such a shame it never got a larger fanbase.

7: EverQuest memories:
I actually just played EQ recently… for the first time… on P99… and it was a wonderful experience… i loved playing my Bard, kiting stuff around, or charming stuff. But the most memorable was/is the people/community i met… truly some amazing people one would meet there. Without hesitation, people would come help you recover corpses or gate you places. Truly unique in todays games.

8: Upcoming mmorpg i am positive will give me many good memories, The Elder Scrolls Online, i just need to say 1 thing…. mind blowing… Yep it is! RvR is back in business!

Your memories?
What about you? Do you have any special memories of mmorpg’s you previously played? Maybe some not on my little list. I never tried Asheron’s Call, nor did i try Star Wars Galaxies, and i heard lots of good things about those games. From what i can read Asheron’s Call was truly special in the way it did for example loot, such a shame i missed out on it.

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