Jun 172013

Square Enix needs to be “reborn” also…

I do not normally rant, but this is just to much. I was one of those unlucky people, who actually purchased the orignal Final Fantasy: XIV. I just shrugged it off, as a bad investment, and moved on. Then a year later, here we are… and i am being spammed with emails, “come back!”, “welcome to the beta!”, “a new start!”. It is ok, it actually peeked my interest… BUT … after having tried for weeks to actually get my old? account to work, so i can log in, and actually help Square Enix making a better game… i have given up.

Problem you say?

What is infact the problem? Well, i forgot my password, and everytime i press “resend password” i actually get said email… but it is empty!
Ok… time to go to customer support… WHAT customer support? Some random FAQ answers on their website, all emails i send their way, gets ignored… and i dont seem to have any way to actually get in contact with a person, who can sort it out. Tried recover my password 10 times, same empty email… every single time.

Now… the most fun part is, i actually remember my password now, but when i try to login it says “You have started the recover password process, please use the new password to continue…”. Aha… so now i cant do anything, i cant use my old/current password, and i cant receive a new one.

Final Fantasy XIV - Error!

The End… With a free beta key giveaway…

I simply gave up. So if anyone wants a free beta key for Final Fantasy XIV, write a comment here (anything will do), and it is yours. I wish Square Enix much luck with their updated game… they will need it.


  2 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Bad Service / Rant”

  1. Too bad with the screw-up service. I like beta-key anyways to check it out.

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