Mar 242014

Will Reaper of Souls launch with Ladder? In just about 5 hours we will know.

It might be abit pointless to even make this post, but something odd happened last night. I was playing my barb, and suddenly my self-created Community Channel “Hardcore Ladder” did… something. And let me point out, i am in 5 community channels, and i have never experienced this before, and it only happened to this one channel, not the other 4 i am in.

It actually disconnected me from the channel, saying it was unavailable (and it was). I immediately thought it was Blizzard taking my little channel, reserving it for them selves, or making it an “illegal community”. Just like you cannot name your community World of Warcraft and stuff like that.

Anyways, 5 minutes after, it established connection to Hardcore Ladder again… much to my dissapointment actually! But still, i find it extremely odd, and i have never seen it before, and i played quite abit since 2.0 released.

And do i need to explain how much i really want ladders? I just find it super fun to start from scratch every now and then, but it is impossible in Diablo 3, since for example the blacksmith stays level 10, and makes crafting stuff for alts way to easy. Not to mention i am sure the Diablo 3 team has some insanely nice Ladder features up their sleeves! I trust them!

Diablo 3 “Ladder” proof? Nah, but odd!


A fanmade Ladder community, suddenly being disabled in-game.

And Blizzard took away my hopes and dreams again…


And suddenly the Hardcore Ladder community comes back up. Sadly.

I know it is pretty far-reaching, but i honestly find it extremely weird that it was THAT channel which it happened to. But i might just be paranoid and seeing illuminati signs everywhere. No matter what, we will know in 5 hours… am i crazy, or am i crazy-good. Last i should add that Josh’s last tweet said “9PM PST” to a tweet asking about Ladders. Interesting!

Also, Blizzard is streaming some Q&A from their official Twitch stream, check it out! This was what Josh referred to… 9 PM PST! Also this post from a Community Manager… ahem. I will go on a limb here, and say Ladder is 99% coming.

I definitely recommend tuning in to the Live Q&A from the launch event tonight. I’ll be chatting with Josh Mosqueira and Wyatt Cheng in a round-table discussion, and we’ve taken some questions from Twitter to answer on stream as well.

So come and join us. You might just learn something new. 😉

Blizzard’s Stream

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