Mar 252014

Game Guide updated for Reaper of Souls launch.

I would like to say “I called it!” Diablo 3 Ladders / Seasons is finally confirmed. I was expecting Blizzard to add some nice awesome features, and it would seem they are planning on it. Whew. The good thing is (since i played alot the last few weeks), that they will release Ladder’s with the next big content launch. And the bad thing is, it is not being released today.

I do however appreciate the fact that Blizzard wants to perfect their new Season system, giving us the best experience possible, but when that is said, Blizzard has a track record of not delivering promised content (cough: pvp). I cannot wait! Here is what we know so far.

Seasons / Ladders.
One of the features you guys have asked about a lot, that we have done a lot of research for, is something called ladders. I’m happy to say that as part of our first big content patch in a couple of months, we will be releasing Seasons, which will include a ladder-like aspect to them. We’re still working on them, but the general gist is that you’ll level up a new character, we’ll have specific ladders for Seasons, and also some goodies that will drop along the way. There’s more information of that to come, and we’re not making an announcement of when, but that’s coming in the first major content patch – not the first patch, but the first major content patch.

Season / Ladder only Legendaries
There will be more legendary items in the future, both for rewards of Ladders, and also rewards from the Tiered Rifts. For the current ones, we probably are not going to revisit them. They all take time to do and I’d rather we were adding new legendary items, and the time is better spent on new legendary items than going back to refit old ones.

(Damn, i really need to find a better way to do quotes, it is damn ugly).

Game Guide also Updated

Check out these links, alot of valuable information has been added by Blizzard. Also if you are playing Hardcore… be careful while leveling up. Lots of nasty surprises in Act V, and also while getting closer and closer to level 70.


Adventure Mode


Mystic Information


Pylon Information


Crusader Overview

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