Mar 222014

Will the Crusader be as popular as Diablo 2’s insanely popular Paladin?

Yesterday was a good gaming day. I decided to reset quest with my Wizard, whom where around Paragon Level 90.
I was slowly moving forward in Torment 1, trying to get all the “defeat this boss in under 30 seconds in torment” achievements, and while doing that, i got various small legendaries on my way to Diablo.

When i reached the big boy erhm… chick herself, i had actually reached Paragon Level 99… not bad actually, and after killing Diablo, magic happened.

I got my guarenteed Legendary Drop, yay, and started to pick up the rares, and then suddenly 1 more Legendary dropped… and behold… a third Legendary dropped also! Three legendary drops, from a boss… i know this is probably super rare, but it felt so good, and reminded me of good old Diablo 2.

Diablo 3 magic…


3 wonderful legendaries dropped from Diablo.

I was pretty damn pleased, and surprised. Even better, the Amulet was actually Tal Rasha’s Allegiance… just to complete my Diablo 2 feels… and yes, it did feel good.
The other 2 legendaries were kinda bad, but it did not matter, my evening was almost complete, only 1 thing to do, as the image shows… i am very close to Paragon Level 100!

I fired up a new game, and started whacking random bosspacks. And 5 minutes later…


And thus i completed a perfect evening… by hitting Paragon Level 100.

What now?

My “pre-reaper” goal is complete now, my next couple of gaming days will be me leveling a new Barbarian, trying to acquire some Strength legendaries for the Crusader, which i will be creating as soon as i get my hands on the expansion. With the new 100% experience buff, it should go pretty fast, and heck… it is fun!

What about you? Do you have any last minute “pre-reaper” goals you still need to achieve?

  One Response to “Diablo 3 has finally surpassed Diablo 2 for me”

  1. Barb is level 60!
    Now all there is to do… is to wait.

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