Dec 232012

  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  Thanks for all the support the last year… it is not easy starting up a new website, but i feel it has been a good first half year… with a FEW returning visitors.   I hope i will become better at making websites, and be able to add some more proper […]

Oct 152012
Best Patch in Diablo 3 so far?

I wont lie, this patch seems totally awesome, it even makes my want to jump into Diablo 3 and play again. My only concern is, the doubling of legendary drop, is it enough? Will i still farm for hours, with only 1-3 legendaries dropping, making it an unfun experience, item-find-wise… I have always liked the […]

Sep 132012

Just wanted to let people know why the updates have been lacking lately. My wife  gave birth to a healthy boy not long ago, and it takes away my “online time”, but i will get back in business soon, to give updates and find relevant stuff for you all… Diablo 3 is still an awesome […]

Aug 222012

Patch Features New System: Paragon Patch 1.0.4 introduces a new max-level progression system called Paragon. When a hero reaches level 60, experience earned will begin to count toward Paragon levels. There are 100 Paragon levels in total, and each level will reward players with a permanent bonus to Gold Find and Magic Find as well […]

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