Nov 052016
Diablo 20th Anniversary - Blizzcon 2016

HURRAY! Congratulations Diablo, i have enjoyed the last 20 years, and i hope to enjoy this franchise until the day i enter the RL Sanctuary. Yesterday i expected a Diablo 4 or Diablo 3 expansion announcement. Alas, we did not get any. ūüôĀ What we did get was the announcement of the Necromancer, a new […]

Apr 102014
Bugged crusader skill, killing us softly...

Update: Bugged skill is “Consecration – Shattered Ground”. I just died to 2¬†normal¬†mobs in a rift, doing some kind of damage to myself, i have no clue what causes it, but even when fighting Treasure Goblin, and using my skills, i sometimes got hurt badly. It all started after the patch, i suddenly took !@#$loads […]

Mar 222014
Diablo 3 has finally surpassed Diablo 2 for me

Yesterday was a good gaming day. I decided to reset quest with my Wizard, whom where around Paragon Level 90. I was slowly moving forward in Torment 1, trying to get all the “defeat this boss in under 30 seconds in torment” achievements, and while doing that, i got various small legendaries¬†on my way to […]

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