Mar 032013
Elder Scrolls Online: Beta Incoming!

There we go guys… the beta for one of the most hyped games out there is coming. By the end of March, the first people will be playing/receiving beta emails… (well, of us mortals atleast… friends & family have allready tried it out…). Anyways, remember to sign up, and good luck getting in.     […]

Feb 242013

I stumbled upon a nice article, which actually got my hopes up for ESO… not that i think it is gonna be a bad game, i just fear it will be yet another WoW clone game… Atleast, that was until i read this article. I decided to focus more on ESO after reading this… my […]

Feb 072013

Be careful what you wish for… February 6, 2013 Over the years I’ve gotten a ton of “Please make another MMORPG!” (sometimes accompanied by “A good one this time!!!!”) or “Please make a DAoC 2” requests as well as lots of other interesting requests that seem quite anatomically impossible. However, after the “challenging” years of […]

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