Mar 252014
Diablo 3 Ladders / Seasons Confirmed!

I would like to say “I called it!” Diablo 3 Ladders / Seasons is finally confirmed. I was expecting Blizzard to add some nice awesome features, and it would seem they are planning on it. Whew. The good thing is (since i played alot the last few weeks), that they will release Ladder’s with the […]

Mar 072014
My favorite mmorpg's, a trip down memory lane

1: Dark Age of Camelot memories:  The grouping while leveling up… from killing basic crabs, to entering Muspelheim for the first time, to entering Vendo Caverns/Nisse’s Lair with a group. Heck simply doing my first OTD and getting The Red Bludgeoner? or something hammer from… Trolki? or something. But, the grouping in DAoC felt like a pleasure, […]

Aug 082013

Website is being worked on behind the lines… both graphically and optimized in coding… Apologize for the mess, and hope to bring you an awesome website soon! I have some EQNext Beta Keys available… and will give them out when website looks decent again! Until next time… have fun!

Jun 132013

Sony has released their official EverQuest next website, preparing for their SOE Live event in August 2 2013. Not only that, but their official social hubs have been released also, and you are able to tweet and otherwise contact the developers. @everquest_next on twitter /EverquestNext on Facebook Their official profile on Google+ EverQuestNext on YouTube everquestnext […]

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