Apr 102013

Following my previous post, ill just leave the reddit post information here.. i hope to see you all at the Inhouse league… Enjoy! After several months of hardwork, we are happy to announce that the 1st season of keita-league.com will start on 21th April! The pre-page clock is already up @ ——> www.keita-league.com <——- Teaser images: http://antewall.se/tonten/ http://antewall.se/tonten/joingame.html […]

Apr 052013
New Inhouse in the... House!

Good news for dota fans out there, a new Dota 2 Inhouse in Europe is in the works. So far there isnt much information out there, but what I do know is, it is Keita Gaming who is starting up this inhouse “league/mm”. The inhouse is for amateurs and pros (each in their own league […]

Nov 032012
DotA 2: Diretide - Brilliant or Broken?

Diretide has been out for some days… truly a different DotA 2 experience, atleast for me. It feels so brilliant… and sometimes it feels so broken. But most of all, it is damn fun at times… and a good way to learn play some of the characters you havent played much, with a chance of […]

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